Customer Buzz

Thrilling tales from real people! Where we “strip” down cool customer creativity featuring their custom chocolate coins.Β 

The Dark Side’s presence felt in the Northwest…

  • A halloween haunt in a galaxy not so far, far away!!!
  • Be sure to visit here to see more ways the Northwest gets haunted!!!

Booty-ful Happily Ever After

  • Love on the High Seas: A Pirate-Theme Wedding!
  • Jake the Pirate & his Lovely Lass Laura set sail on their new life together
  • On their Quest For Love and Treasure!
  • Avast mateys! That be Belgian chocolate!

Super Mario Madness!

  • Imagine being a fan of Mario and getting to live out the dream of a Mario themed party! Foiled Again added the power-ups to make this party truly unique!
  • Power-Up Party Coins!
  • Treasure for each party goer
  • Luigi gets in on the action!
  • No place setting was spared...
  • Wow! Fire Flowers!
  • When do we get our own themed party!?

ZoΓ« and Darren’s Gold Medal Wedding

  • Great idea for Seating Arrangements!
  • Every guest a gold medal recipient
  • Fantastic themed place Settings!