Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum I need to order?

Minimum order is just 500 chocolate coins or casino chips.

What's this gonna cost me?

Only 35¢ each! This price includes any front and back designs from our library. To customize one of the sides, there is a one-time $49 fee.

Is there sales tax?

Sales tax is only charged if we are shipping to you in North Carolina where Foiled Again! is based. No sales tax is owed if you are located anywhere else!

How big are your chocolate coins and casino chips?

Our chocolate coins and casino chips are 1-½” (38mm) in diameter. There are eighty in a pound.

What do you need to personalize my coins?

The coin stamping process requires black & white line art…no grayscale, colors or shading. If your logo has simple coloring, we can easily convert that to black & white for you. If your art requires more detailed conversion, a $45 art conversion fee may apply.

Below is an example of the type of art needed:


If you’re just adding text without art, for example, Barb & Mark’s 25th Anniversary, we can do that for you.

Do you keep our custom plates on file?

We do! You’ll never pay the setup charge for using your custom plates on repeat orders.

How long does your chocolate stay fresh?

Our chocolate coins remain fresh up to one year. Over time, you may begin to notice a white cast on the surface of your chocolate. This is a natural process with chocolate called “bloom” which is the oils separating from the cocoa butter. It has no negative effect on the taste of the chocolate at all.

How can you ship chocolate during the summer?

containerYour chocolate coins and casino chips are expertly packed in our patented ThermaFrost® insulated coolers with frozen gel ice packs to keep your chocolate coins cool & comfy on their way to you. We monitor temperatures nationwide daily and adjust the amount of frozen gel packs as needed. All at no additional cost to you! We guarantee your chocolate will arrive in perfect condition or we will replace it.

How should I store my chocolate once I receive it?

Chocolate is best stored at room temperatures between 63 and 75 degrees F. In most cases, if you are comfortable in the room where the chocolate is being stored, the chocolate is happy too. Avoid refrigerating or freezing your coins, as this actually reduces the shelf life. Store your chocolate off the floor and at least four inches away from any walls. This will allow air circulation around the chocolate. Also, avoid storing your chocolate near anything with strong odors like cleaning supplies or in rooms where people smoke. Chocolate absorbs nearby odors and can affect its taste.

Are your coins nut-free?

Our chocolate coins are produced in a nut-free facility in Holland. However, because they are not produced in the United States, they have not gone through FDA certification to be classified as nut-free. Our strong advice is to avoid eating the product if nut allergies are a concern.

Is your chocolate gluten-free? Dairy-free?


All of our chocolate products are gluten-free.


Our milk chocolate coins and casino chips do contain milk powder. However, our dark chocolate coins do not use milk or milk powder.

Are your coins and casino chips kosher?

Our chocolate products are kosher dairy with manufacturer certification available upon request.

What's the story with the villain in the logo?

baronThat’s Baron von NotNice. Born to parents of Austrian & Cleveland descent, he was denied chocolate coins as a child for fear they would make him “phlegmy.” He vowed to one day rid the world of chocolate coins through a combination of deceit, thievery and raising thermostats. Although dedicated to honing his craft of evil, he has yet to achieve his lifelong aspiration of converting an Oompa Loompa to one of his henchmen. The Baron is a Pisces, enjoys long walks on the beach and 70’s singer Christopher Cross.


We had an amazing experience with foiled again chocolate when purchasing piratey chocolate coins for our pirate themed Halloween! The customer service was top notch, the chocolate quality was superb, and the foil designs were great! The kids loved the treasure and I loved eating all the leftovers. We would absolutely buy from foiled again, again!

–Adrian adams
November 7th, 2022