Pirate Chocolate Doubloons

The sweetest pirate booty available across the Seven Seas!ย Beautifully crafted pirate designs to enhance any pirate-themed event made with pure Belgian Callebaut milk chocolate.

Eighty (80) large 1.5″ Pirate Doubloons embossed with an assortment of fun, festive & family-friendly designs. Packaged in a convenient zipper-pouch for easy access. Gold, silver & bronze foils adorn these scrumptiously swashbuckling treats. Real pirate loot doesn’t have the face of John F. Kennedy on it! Don’t settle for generic pirate treats for your party…get authentic looking chocolate pirate coins with the coolest of designs embossed into the foil and into the chocolate itself. A true treasure awaits you with Pirate Chocolate Doubloons, only from Foiled Again!






Belgian Chocolate Pirate Doubloons make the perfect pirate booty! Eighty Belgian milk chocolate pirate coins in a 1lb. bag with a variety of fun designs on both sides of the foil and on the chocolate itself as well! Packaged in a stylish sealed, resealable gift pouch. 1lb. total weight. Great for kid’s parties, buried treasure promos or any pirate-themed event.

SKU: PIR-1 | Weight 1.1 oz | Dimensions 9.5 × 5.5 × 2.5 in | Categories: ,

Unlike most of the chocolate coins, those actually taste delicious. And they look gorgeous. Thanks again for this wonderful product.

–Lan Lou
September 18th, 2022