Heather Dodd

Hey Scott!
i’ve only let my fiance and a coworker try them so far, and we’ve been very impressed, both with the look and the flavor. We’ve put them in black organza bags and they’ll be put in big treasure chests as the favors at our pirate wedding this friday night. i’m sure i’ll get lots of feedback when more people try them- i dont want the surprise out before then πŸ˜€
thanks so much for your care with this order, i’m VERY impressed

Erika in Reno

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to order and customize the coins. I was even sent an email with an image of what the final product would look like. When the coins arrived early I was thrilled and had to try a few, the chocolate was excellent (more like that of a fine chocolate bar than a children’s candy). I will be using these as favors for my wedding and can’t wait to see how the guests react!

Peter H.

I was looking for a specific item for another wedding reception favor at the last minute and your company came through just as promised. Actually, the coins arrived a day earlier than I expected in perfect condition and looking great. They were a hit at the reception. The chocolate mint was excellent and the embossing was exactly what I needed to match the theme of the reception. Guests all commented about the coins and I know several will be ordering from you in the future for other events. As a business development consultant, I applaud your customer service and execution.

Allan N

Just wanted to say that before stumbling upon Foiled Again Chocolate Coins I was at the end of my rope in trying to find affordable chocolate coins in bulk. But after placing my order and having it arrive on time (before halloween – phew*) I was very impressed with how much care was put into making sure that these coins arrived safely and intact. If I was to want chocolate coins again I would definitely come back here to order them. 5 well deserved stars for you guys.
Thanks Foiled Again!

Diana F.

Got them Friday. Delicious and they look perfect. Thanks a bunch.

Jeanne Donovan

Thank you for doing such a great job with the coins for my son’s wedding. We could not have been more pleased with how they turned out or how they were packed. It is usually so difficult to find businesses online when you are in two different states and they just were fantastic. The caterer fell in love with them too, and by the way, not only do they taste good, they smelled fantastic when we opened the box.


It was a pleasure to work with you from start to finish. Your extraordinary disposition and excellent customer service made this event a great one! The coins not only looked great, they taste great! They were a raving success at the party! Your love for assisting your customers show in craftsmanship of your chocolates. Thank you so much!

Chris Chu

Just wanted to to let you know that I received the chocolate coins on Friday just like you said. The chocolates were packed well and in perfect condition. The quality of the dark mint chocolate is excellent and the look of the coin is spectacular! Five Stars for Foiled Again!

M. MacNeill

Thank you so much for the coins. They look great and as we were forced to sample them… they taste great too. We will definitely recommend your company to anyone who is looking for chocolate coins. We turn our house into a pirate ship and hand out chocolate coins to 500-600 children, so finding a reliable supply of good coins was terrific.

Kristan C.

Our chocolates arrived today, and they are absolutely PERFECT! They totally exceeded my expectations, they are going to look great as our cupcake toppers! It’s a small detail, but it’s going to be perfect for our event. We will definitely order again! CBRE does a ton of corporate parties here locally and are always looking for custom items like this, so I can’t wait to spread the word for any future events.

Michelle A.

Scott, just wanted to advise that the chocolate coins arrived today (right on schedule) and they look great! Appreciate all your help and guidance.

Nelson Moore

Scott…Just a brief note of appreciation for the outstanding job on the chocolates sent us today. We are very happy with the product and
its design plus the quality and taste of the chocolate. I had tried samples from the company we were working with and there is no
comparison in taste. From one supplier to another I am grateful for you taking care of us. You have made us look good. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Angela White

I got the coins, and I am THRILLED with the results! Thank you again for your excellent customer service, if only other associates at other companies were as proficient how much more a pleasure to order online could be!

Casey C

I’m really impressed with the quality of the chocolate and the coins. The impressions on the coin foil and chocolate surface are perfect. Very nicely done. The coins also ship in a well padded and insulated shipper (with ice-packs) so there’s no way they could have melted in transit. We did a number of designs for our wedding (I especially like the ball and chain design) and the number of designs on the site is incredible. I’ll be ordering again and will tell all my friends!

Silvia Dixon

We got the chocolate. They are fantastic. Thank you for all your help. We too look forward to doing more business with you… I will showcase them once I am done with halloween as it takes the better part of our store right now…. I will let clients know that we can do this for every occasion.