A Pirate Party for Us Big Kids!

As children, we look forward to our birthdays each year, and then our parents throw us a cool themed party. Why does the fun have to stop? Why can’t we have themed parties as adults? We can, and we should.

One great party idea we here at Foiled Again! can get behind is a pirate party. Creative types…this is right up your alley!

First, invite 100 (or whatever) of your closest buds. You can use cutesy ship in a bottle invites or singed paper, but let’s be real- you’ll probably use Facebook or Evite. And, that’s totally fine. In the invite, be sure to require costumes. You can even have a costume contest to shake things up a bit. Grab those eye patches and pirate hats, maties.

Now, you need to decorate. Get some fishnet and a cream or brown-colored bed sheet to decorate the drink and food tables. Buy or make a treasure chest and pirate flag, and you’re good to go. Again, you can get as creative as you want.

Chocolate coins stamped with slogans such as: Surrender Your Booty, A Pirate’s Life for Me, or a menacing skulls & crossbones make a sweet party favor. They can be used to decorate, placed on top of cupcakes, or as handouts. You can find lots of food and drink ideas on Pinterest.

Pirate-shaped cookie cutters can be used to make a variety of tasty treats from cookies (obviously) to fruit slices. If you use the shark or fish-shaped cookie cutters on strips of melon, then set the melon in Jell-o shots, you can top them off with a peach slice and a toothpick flag to make pirate ships.

When all of your guests have arrived, and had a chance to get a beverage or two, you can play a couple of games. I suggest a pirate treasure hunt in the yard or neighborhood for airplane bottles of Captain Morgan or Parrot Bay rum, complete with clues and maps. Another never-fail game is musical chairs; just don’t let your friends play after TOO many drinks. Or go ahead…what the hey.

After the Jimmy Buffet songs fade out, and your friends have danced the night away, send them out the door with a few chocolate coins and some temporary pirate tattoos. It’ll be a party they arrrrrrguably won’t forget!