5 Great Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate Gift Ideas

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to get moving on ways to show your employees and clients how much they are valued. Here are a few inexpensive gift ideas to consider.

1. Gift cards
Gift cards can be purchased just about anywhere for just about anything. There are gift cards for major department stores, restaurants, specialty shops, online sites, and even gas stations. You can even purchase a Visa gift card to be used on anything, anywhere, for a small fee. Gift cards are often sold in multiplies of fives at big box stores for a discount. Costco and Sam’s Club regularly sell $100 worth of iTunes gift cards for about a $6 savings. Gift cards offer a wonderful ‘one size fits all’ kind of gift that clients and employees alike will find useful.

2. Motivational items
Whether simple paperweights and binders, or plaques and change holders, motivational sayings can be found on just about anything. Motivational items can be used to praise, encourage, or thank both employees and clients. Because people love to be inspired and appreciated, these gifts can help to strengthen loyalty from both the employee and the client.

3. Gourmet Chocolate or Popcorn
There are all sorts of mouthwatering flavors and varieties of both chocolate and popcorn. Choose anything from hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries to white chocolate truffles or delicious popcorn assortments in beautifully decorated tin cans. Incorporate your company’s branding on custom imprinted chocolate coins as the perfect way to show appreciation while promoting your brand. Any of these tasty treats are sure to please!

4. Picture frames
Everyone loves to show off their kids, grandkids, and adorable pets. Many people use them at both work and home, so you can never have too many. For a more personal touch, many picture frames can be engraved or have a saying placed on them.

5. Custom-made baskets
Gift baskets are always fun to give because you can have them custom-made and tailored to the personality of the recipient. If you know an employee is trying to eat healthier, a fruit basket is a great choice or perhaps a client always mentions that he enjoys fishing. A basket with artificial lures, fishing line and a few snack items to eat on the boat, would be perfect for him.

These unique and affordable ideas can be found online and are can be often purchased in bulk at discounted pricing. Hopefully, these ideas will get you on your way to finding the perfect gift for everyone on this year’s corporate shopping list.