Announcing Quik-Ship Chocolate Coins!

Quik Ship Chocolate Coins

Ya know those situations where you’re short on time and need chocolate coins for a birthday or company event? Or when 500 coins is just too darn many? (C’mon, throw me a bone here.) Foiled Again! is happy, nay, downright giddy, to announce our new line of Quik-Ship coins. Our most popular designs covering a variety of event categories in neat n’ tidy 250-coin packs. And the best part is that we’re producing these deigns every day so we can ship them out on the double! In many cases the same day, but no more than two days. Say it with me…”That’s fast!”

We realize that you don’t always need to browse through all the available designs…you just need your coins. And you want them now! That’s where Quik-Ship comes in. Keep them in mind for your next pirate-themed birthday party. Or as campaign handouts when your young-un is running for Treasurer. Or for that spur-of-the-moment wedding that seemed like such a really good idea at the time.