Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot: Summer Shipping & Chocolate

Ice Cooler

Man, it’s hot. And while heat is essential for chocolate during its tempering and molding phases, it’s the arch-enemy of the finished product. So how can you be sure that your order will arrive to you in the condition it was shipped and not a big puddle of chocolate?

During warm weather months we ship using a patented insulated shipping cooler system and include frozen gel packs inside to keep your chocolate cool as a cucumber. This is done at no extra cost to you. We monitor the weather daily for the destinations of all outgoing shipments and adjust the amount of ice accordingly. We guarantee that your chocolate will arive to you in absolutely perfect condition. Or we’ll replace it free. Pinky swear.

That being said…if we’re talking “standing on the sun” hot, we highlyrecommend choosing an expedited shipping method such as Next Day or 2nd Day shipping. We’re happy to advise you about the safest, most cost-effective way of getting your chocolate to you in great condition.