“Seventy%” Website Showcases a World of Fine Chocolate

Seventy%I recently came across a terrific website for discovering the latest on the subject of fine chocolate. Seventy% is devoted to the complete “bean to bar” experience, showcasing the world’s best chocolate finds.

Named for the seventy percentage of cocoa considered to indicate better quality chocolate bars, the site contains in-depth reviews of chocolate bars from a wide variety of regions as well as history and production practices of renowned international chocolatiers.

According to the UK-based site, “Seventy% started playing a crucial role in connecting people and helping consumers better understand the difference between fine chocolate, made of fine cacao, and commercial chocolate made from bulk cocoa.”

For the foodie looking to learn more about the qualities and features of the world’s finest chocolate, Seventy% offers a wealth of information and a great read.

Seventy% Top 5 Dark Chocolate Bars
Michel Cluizel – Hacienda ‘Los Ancones’ (90.2/100)
Valrhona – El Pedregal (87.2/100)
Potomac – Upala 70% (86.0/100)
Pacari – Raw Chocolate 70% (85.5/100)
Bonnat – Apotequil (85.4/100)