UNFOILED: Can Chocolate Coins Really Taste Good?

Callebaut Bars

We all grew up on it. Crappy chocolate. It took many forms. That gritty Easter bunny. The waxy Santa Claus or the discolored Advent chocolates. Those little foiled marbles of faintly chocolate-flavored crud that crumbled in your mouth. And lest we forget, the incredible inedible chocolate coin.

Something had to be done. And done it we did. (Well…you get the point.)

Foiled Again! uses exceptional Callebaut(R) Belgian chocolate in our coins. Callebaut (pronounced Cal-eh-beau) has recently been recognized as the world’s biggest chocolatier and has been producing fine chocolate for over 100 years.

This is chocolate your guests, employees, customers, or whomever will actually enjoy eating. The rich smoothness of the chocolate will let you know that this is not your average chocolate coin.

We’ve tasted the competition’s offerings…and we’re confident that Callebaut chocolate coins from Foiled Again! Chocolate Coins are as good as it gets. But we’ll leave that to you to decide. All chocolate coins are not created equal!