What Makes an Awesome Custom Chocolate Coin Design?

While you have more than 2,000 choices of standard designs from our library to use on your chocolate coins…you’re actually only confined by the limits of your imagination. Let us help you create a chocolate coin that is uniquely yours.

There is approximately 1.5″ of usable area to imprint on our chocolate coins. This might not sound like that much, but you’d be surprised what we can get to fit in that space.

A popular layout that maximizes the available space is to use top and bottom arcs with additional text or a graphic in the center of the design. For example, for a wedding design, you can arc your names, say, “Fred & Wilma” on top, the date of the wedding, “July 12, 1000BC” on the bottom. And then add a graphic or saying that is meaningful to you in the center. Have a favorite saying? Put it here. Did you guys meet in a cycling club? Have us add a bicycle image in the center. Anything is do-able. We’ll even suggest font styles based on the theme of your coins. We’ve got everything from ultra-formal script fonts to the fun & funky.

If you’re designing your own artwork, that’s great too. Have at it! Remember that the rule of thumb is “the simpler, the better.” Don’t try to do too much with your design and have it come out cluttered. It’s much better to accentuate the key points (bride/groom names, company logo or web address, etc.) which will result in a clean, readable layout that is more visually appealing than a cluttered look with hard-to-read lettering. Use bold, solid lines as opposed to thin strokes that may not imprint well.

We’re here to help. Use us as a sounding board for your ideas or feel free to send in your designs to have us give you our opinion on how well it will transfer to your custom chocolate coins.

But most of all, have fun with it. How often do you get to see your name in chocolate?