Why We Only Use Belgian Chocolate

Ever eaten one of those discolored, waxy pieces of chocolate that crumbles into a flavorless grit in your mouth? Not from us you haven’t.

Chocolate should be an exquisite taste experience. Fine chocolate awakens the senses and affects brain and body chemistry.

After sampling chocolate coins from all over the world, we discovered that there is simply no substitute for 100% Belgian chocolate. Chocolate coins from Foiled Again! are made with premium Belgian chocolate manufactured by renowned chocolatier Callebaut.

Sure, there are cheaper options out there. Many of the chocolate coins on the market are manufactured in China or Turkey using subpar ingredients and preservatives including paraffin wax to help it hold up longer without melting. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

Your event is a special one; whether it be your son’s wedding, daughter’s Bat Mitzvah or your company’s tradeshow appearance. Your guests deserve the best. We’re here to make sure they get it.