10 Things to Consider When Choosing Wedding Favors

When considering what kind of wedding favors to purchase, you need to consider several important factors before deciding what is right for you. Try contemplating the following 10 things so you know you made an informed choice.

1. Customizability
What is more important on your wedding day than the two of you…the happy couple? Nothing! So why not customize Belgian chocolate coins as your wedding favor? You can have your names, the date and any other imagery put onto your very own candy. It’s elegant, affordable, and everyone will love great quality chocolate.2. Fun

2. Fun Factor
Consider favors that are fun for your guests like confetti poppers. Everyone loves something that they can have a great time with. 3. Affordability

Many weddings have at least a hundred or more people coming to celebrate the big day. Be sure to check for bulk quantity discounts, and always be mindful that you don’t want to break the bank on wedding favors.

4. Personal
Guests love when you give them a gift that says something about you. If you love candles, choose a small candle in a tin that matches the color of your wedding party.

5. Color Coordinating
Pick up some candy or matchbooks that coordinate with the color scheme of your wedding. It will look really nice as an accent to your decorations.

6. What They Love
Pick out a favor that your family and friends will love. Maybe you come from a family who loves wine and cheese. Select a small sample wine bottle and box of cheese. It will surely be a crowd pleaser.

7. Useful Favors
Other nice ideas for favors are ones that are useful. A heart-shaped measuring spoon set is something that everyone can use in the future. Every time they use the set, they will think of you!

8. Season Sensible
If you are getting married in the winter, hot chocolate is a great favor that fits the season. If you prefer fall, try some spiced apple cider mix. For summer, sunscreen is both fun and useful. Be creative!

9. Non-perishable
Stay away from giving your guests a food item that needs refrigeration, or one that will not last long.

10. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!
Generally any kind of chocolate is a good choice. Almost everyone loves it, so you will not have many favors left over to take home!

When thinking about what kind of wedding favors to buy, there are a lot of things to consider. Think about your options, and make sure you get something that you love!