10 Things to Know Before Buying Chocolate Coins

A quick Google search for “chocolate coins” will bring you page after page of listings for places to buy chocolate coins. Some are actual manufacturers (fewer than you think!) and most are middlemen that stock chocolate coins from other sources. So what is important to know before ordering chocolate coins for your upcoming event? First & foremost…All chocolate coins are not created equal!

1) How is the quality of the chocolate?
The raw chocolate used in chocolate coins can vary greatly. Like on a scale from disgusting to fantastic. Many companies claim they offer “Belgian-like” chocolate or “just like the finest European chocolates.” Don’t believe the hype. Demand 100% Belgian chocolate. The difference in taste, texture, and consistency is very noticeable.

2) How easy is it to contact someone at the company?
There are a lot of mom & pops out there making chocolate coins in their spare time. Can you reach them by phone when you need to? Do they respond quickly to questions and changes through e-mail?

3) Does the company get how important your event is to you?
This is a big one, assuming you’re not ordering chocolate coins to nosh on while watching “Mad Men”. Your event is important to you. It may be your wedding, your nana’s 100th birthday or your company’s new product introduction. Does any of this matter to the company you’re ordering from? Choose a company that pays attention to the details and gets it right the first time.

4) Will you get a proof of custom artwork?
Will you get an opportunity to see what your custom design will look like on when imprinted on a chocolate coin? Do you get a chance to make sure your fiance’s name is spelled “Jon” instead of “John”? Is the font that you thought would look awesome look “less than awesome”? You should expect a realistic looking proof to review of what your final product will look like. Do you want to take a chance that the company gets it right? I don’t.

5) What’s the turnaround time from order to delivery?
Will your coins get to you in time? A day late won’t cut it for your wedding or company trade show. Can the company you picked turn your order within 48 hours? Wonder why some companies say “up to ten days for production? Simple…they’re not producing your chocolate coins themselves.

6) Selection of designs
What does the company’s design library look like? Does their Pirate “category” consist of a skull & crossbones? Are they adding new designs on a regular basis? Look for a wide selection of designs covering a varied set of potential uses.

7) Who’s actually imprinting your coins?
Is your chocolate coin vendor taking the time to clean loose chocolate off of the imprinting plates? Are the coins themselves clean and free of nicks, scratches and cocoa dust? How about the alignment of your design on the coins? The design should be centered and balanced without spilling over the the reeded edge of the coin.

8) Communication
Up front, will the company voice any concerns or suggestions with your artwork? Maybe your image won’t imprint well or text may be too small to be legible. Will these details be brought to your attention and suggestions made to help you get the best possible finished product?

Once produced, will you get confirmation of your order shipping with a scheduled delivery date?

9) What do others say about the company?
In today’s world of social media and online critiques, companies can no longer hide from customer complaints and negative reviews. What are the comments of others that have used the company? Are they consistent? Are they current? Are certain benefits mentioned over and over again? Raving fans are worth noticing.

10) 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Most important of all…does the company stand behind their work? What happens if you’re not happy with product? If your coins arrive damaged? Does the company try to make excuses and shift blame or do they unconditionally guarantee your complete satisfaction with all aspects of the product and service. This doesn’t become important until you’ve got a problem. But then it becomes the only thing of any importance.