Chocolate Coins Make an Impression for Businesses

Chocolate coins are not just for kids’ parties and Hanukkah treats anymore! In fact, the business use of chocolate coins for marketing and advertising purposes has been on the rise for a number of years. Here are just a few of the places chocolate coins are showing up in the business world.

Trade Show Handouts
Custom branded chocolate coins are a low-cost giveaway perfect for any trade show or convention. Add your corporate logo to one side and a web address or booth number on the other. Let’s face it…not everyone needs another pen, but there’s always room for a little more chocolate. Ask the people at SXSW.

Employee “Way-to-Go!’s”
Everyone appreciates being told they’re doing a good job and leaving a small pouch of “Way to Go!” or “You Rock!” chocolate coins are their desk can go a long way. Even small acts of recognition in the workplace have proven to have a strong impact on job satisfaction.

New Product Launches
Chocolate coins featuring the name or logo of a new or soon-to-be-released product can help build awareness of an upcoming introduction.

Customer Appreciation
Instead of a dish of mints at the reception desk, how about a custom branded chocolate coin? For restaurants, why not give coins with every check thanking your customers for their patronage with a delicious after-meal treat?

Holiday Parties & Special Events
The beauty of the chocolate coin rests in its two sides. One side to brand with your logo and one to switch up for the particular holiday or event being celebrated. The uses are endless. Happy Holidays, Happy Easter, 10th Anniversary…what else can your company come up with?

Celebrating Milestones
Chocolate coins are a great way to recognize financial or milestone achievements within your company. “$1M in Sales!”, “100,000 Facebook Likes” or “ISO 9001 Certified” all can be imprinted on chocolate coins to celebrate your company’s goal attainments.