How Much Should We Spend on Wedding Favors?

When planning for a wedding, you will be spending money on many different things. It all starts with the invitations, the caterer, the reception hall, the officiant, dresses, flowers, and decor. With so many different things to take care of, one of the last things considered is wedding favors. These are usually a last-minute item that seems unimportant until after the more primary needs for the event are taken care of and paid for.

How much should be spent on favors? Leaving alcoholic beverages, tea lights or flower pots can really add up after you have figured out the cost of the item and all of the decorative materials that will be needed to make the items fit your theme. There may be tulle, ribbons, glue or netting involved in addition to the price of the small giveaway. If you have a lot of guests, the cost can get out of hand very easily.

There several ways to give respectable favors without paying a ton of money. This will allow you to spend your cash on other parts of your wedding. You can get away with some very low-cost items to give away as a thank you to your guests. Here are a few ideas.

If you are looking for something inexpensive to give as a token of your appreciation, opt for a sweet treat. Small candies in little mesh bags, personalized chocolate coins, or small chocolate bars are all options that can be used. You will not need to spend a lot of money on these items and they can be left at each place setting for guests to enjoy after their meal has ended. Make sure to select a chocolate favor using high-quality chocolate. They are also a big hit with any youngsters you have invited to your wedding.

Another fun idea is using seed packets for a wedding gift. They are inexpensive and the seeds can be planted in your honor after your wedding has ended. This is a “green” wedding idea that will be sure to please the recipients.

If you do not have any funds left at all, consider placing a small note at each place setting stating that you will be giving money to a charity instead of spending it on favors. This is a fairly new trend that has started with weddings and some people like the idea that there is no money spent on a favor when it can be given to someone that really needs it. Another way to incorporate this idea is by leaving something very small as a favor, such as small chocolates. Tape each one to the card speaking about the charity. This way each guest will have a tiny treasure along with a note specifying your wishes.