I ordered these for my daughter’s birthday party goody bags, which in retrospect was a bit over the top because there is a minimum order of 500. However, I was so enchanted by the ability to personalize the coins, plus it tied in perfectly to her birthday theme, so I decided to take a chance. From the reviews I’ve skimmed it seems people say the coins are delicious and they are(I was FORCED to eat all the leftovers). Even better than the product is the company’s customer service. I made a mistake during the order and wanted to change one aspect of it. I left a message and the SAME day (who does that?) Scott personally called me back to assure me that it wasn’t a problem and he would take care of it. It wasn’t and he did! It was refreshing bordering on shocking! I would not hesitate to recommend the product or the company and really I’m just looking for another excuse to order some more.