Best Hannukah Gelt EVER! I handed them out to family and friends and everyone was amazed how great they were. The usual Hannukah gelt (chocolate coins in gold foil) that you buy at drugstores always seem to be stale and taste like plastic or grainy. Just awful stuff. This year, that changed with my order from your company. Now that we have tried this we can’t go back. My family voted that ordering from you every year will be our new Hannukah tradition. Its fun that I got to pick out the designs for the coins. And fun seeing people dig into their coins expecting the same old waxy tasting chocolate from drugstores but being shocked how good it is. I also orderd the gold fabric bags for a nice touch when giving them away. As a plus, I could not believe how fast they arrived. They shipped the day I ordered and arrived 2 days later carefully packed on ice. I would highly recommend buying chocolate coins from this site.