What’s the Best Art for Chocolate Coins?

This is a question we get a lot. With more and more people and companies looking to add that personal touches to their favors, we see all types of artwork submitted. Truth is, when customizing your chocolate coins or chocolate casino chips, the simpler, the better.

In order to create your custom stamping plates, we use what’s called “line art.” Think of line art as a pencil sketch…black and white colors only with no grayscale shading at all. But not all pencil drawings are the same! Here’s an example of line art that would work beautifully as an imprint on chocolate coins.


This art has everything going for it.

  • Not too detailed.
  • Black & white with no shading.
  • High resolution, which results in sharp edges.
  • In other words…perfect.



Contrast this with another image that presents all sorts of problems when it comes to chocolate coins imprinting.



Often when looking at a drawing against a white background it would seem like it would work fine as a coin imprint. But the thing to remember is that there is no color differentiation on a chocolate coin. It’s either at the surface level of the coin, or debossed (pressed) into the foil. This makes it a lot more difficult to see fine details.



Here are the above two images stamped on a coin.

Mario chocolate coin
Joker chocolate coin


See what I mean? One looks wicked awesome while the other just looks wicked.

A common question is whether we are able to work with a photo, usually a person’s profile. The quick answer is, yes, we are able to convert photos to line art for an additional fee. But a lot is dependent on the individual face. Some faces will translate well to a coin and others simply don’t look recognizable. Again, the simpler, the better. The less details needed to distinguish the face, the more accurate the imprint will be.

So once we get the face looking good on the coin, the inevitable response is “Wow, that looks terrific! You guys rule!! Now can we just add ‘Happy Birthday’ above his face and his name underneath? The more elements we add to the small canvas (chocolate coins are 1.5” diameter), the smaller everything has to be to fit it all in. When in doubt, go large. Your imprint will always look better at a larger size than scrunched down to fit in the middle of arched text.

With regard to file type…we can work with almost all types. The following are all acceptable: eps, tif, jpg, gif, pdf, ai, psd.

And that’s about all there is to it. It’s not as complicated as might think. Let us know how we can help design your personalized chocolate coins or chocolate casino chips and make them uniquely yours.

How Much Should We Spend on Wedding Favors?

When planning for a wedding, you will be spending money on many different things. It all starts with the invitations, the caterer, the reception hall, the officiant, dresses, flowers, and decor. With so many different things to take care of, one of the last things considered is wedding favors. These are usually a last-minute item that seems unimportant until after the more primary needs for the event are taken care of and paid for.

How much should be spent on favors? Leaving alcoholic beverages, tea lights or flower pots can really add up after you have figured out the cost of the item and all of the decorative materials that will be needed to make the items fit your theme. There may be tulle, ribbons, glue or netting involved in addition to the price of the small giveaway. If you have a lot of guests, the cost can get out of hand very easily.

There several ways to give respectable favors without paying a ton of money. This will allow you to spend your cash on other parts of your wedding. You can get away with some very low-cost items to give away as a thank you to your guests. Here are a few ideas.

If you are looking for something inexpensive to give as a token of your appreciation, opt for a sweet treat. Small candies in little mesh bags, personalized chocolate coins, or small chocolate bars are all options that can be used. You will not need to spend a lot of money on these items and they can be left at each place setting for guests to enjoy after their meal has ended. Make sure to select a chocolate favor using high-quality chocolate. They are also a big hit with any youngsters you have invited to your wedding.

Another fun idea is using seed packets for a wedding gift. They are inexpensive and the seeds can be planted in your honor after your wedding has ended. This is a “green” wedding idea that will be sure to please the recipients.

If you do not have any funds left at all, consider placing a small note at each place setting stating that you will be giving money to a charity instead of spending it on favors. This is a fairly new trend that has started with weddings and some people like the idea that there is no money spent on a favor when it can be given to someone that really needs it. Another way to incorporate this idea is by leaving something very small as a favor, such as small chocolates. Tape each one to the card speaking about the charity. This way each guest will have a tiny treasure along with a note specifying your wishes.

10 Things to Consider When Choosing Wedding Favors

When considering what kind of wedding favors to purchase, you need to consider several important factors before deciding what is right for you. Try contemplating the following 10 things so you know you made an informed choice.

1. Customizability
What is more important on your wedding day than the two of you…the happy couple? Nothing! So why not customize Belgian chocolate coins as your wedding favor? You can have your names, the date and any other imagery put onto your very own candy. It’s elegant, affordable, and everyone will love great quality chocolate.2. Fun

2. Fun Factor
Consider favors that are fun for your guests like confetti poppers. Everyone loves something that they can have a great time with. 3. Affordability

Many weddings have at least a hundred or more people coming to celebrate the big day. Be sure to check for bulk quantity discounts, and always be mindful that you don’t want to break the bank on wedding favors.

4. Personal
Guests love when you give them a gift that says something about you. If you love candles, choose a small candle in a tin that matches the color of your wedding party.

5. Color Coordinating
Pick up some candy or matchbooks that coordinate with the color scheme of your wedding. It will look really nice as an accent to your decorations.

6. What They Love
Pick out a favor that your family and friends will love. Maybe you come from a family who loves wine and cheese. Select a small sample wine bottle and box of cheese. It will surely be a crowd pleaser.

7. Useful Favors
Other nice ideas for favors are ones that are useful. A heart-shaped measuring spoon set is something that everyone can use in the future. Every time they use the set, they will think of you!

8. Season Sensible
If you are getting married in the winter, hot chocolate is a great favor that fits the season. If you prefer fall, try some spiced apple cider mix. For summer, sunscreen is both fun and useful. Be creative!

9. Non-perishable
Stay away from giving your guests a food item that needs refrigeration, or one that will not last long.

10. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!
Generally any kind of chocolate is a good choice. Almost everyone loves it, so you will not have many favors left over to take home!

When thinking about what kind of wedding favors to buy, there are a lot of things to consider. Think about your options, and make sure you get something that you love!

Chocolate Coins Make an Impression for Businesses

Chocolate coins are not just for kids’ parties and Hanukkah treats anymore! In fact, the business use of chocolate coins for marketing and advertising purposes has been on the rise for a number of years. Here are just a few of the places chocolate coins are showing up in the business world.

Trade Show Handouts
Custom branded chocolate coins are a low-cost giveaway perfect for any trade show or convention. Add your corporate logo to one side and a web address or booth number on the other. Let’s face it…not everyone needs another pen, but there’s always room for a little more chocolate. Ask the people at SXSW.

Employee “Way-to-Go!’s”
Everyone appreciates being told they’re doing a good job and leaving a small pouch of “Way to Go!” or “You Rock!” chocolate coins are their desk can go a long way. Even small acts of recognition in the workplace have proven to have a strong impact on job satisfaction.

New Product Launches
Chocolate coins featuring the name or logo of a new or soon-to-be-released product can help build awareness of an upcoming introduction.

Customer Appreciation
Instead of a dish of mints at the reception desk, how about a custom branded chocolate coin? For restaurants, why not give coins with every check thanking your customers for their patronage with a delicious after-meal treat?

Holiday Parties & Special Events
The beauty of the chocolate coin rests in its two sides. One side to brand with your logo and one to switch up for the particular holiday or event being celebrated. The uses are endless. Happy Holidays, Happy Easter, 10th Anniversary…what else can your company come up with?

Celebrating Milestones
Chocolate coins are a great way to recognize financial or milestone achievements within your company. “$1M in Sales!”, “100,000 Facebook Likes” or “ISO 9001 Certified” all can be imprinted on chocolate coins to celebrate your company’s goal attainments.

10 Things to Know Before Buying Chocolate Coins

A quick Google search for “chocolate coins” will bring you page after page of listings for places to buy chocolate coins. Some are actual manufacturers (fewer than you think!) and most are middlemen that stock chocolate coins from other sources. So what is important to know before ordering chocolate coins for your upcoming event? First & foremost…All chocolate coins are not created equal!

1) How is the quality of the chocolate?
The raw chocolate used in chocolate coins can vary greatly. Like on a scale from disgusting to fantastic. Many companies claim they offer “Belgian-like” chocolate or “just like the finest European chocolates.” Don’t believe the hype. Demand 100% Belgian chocolate. The difference in taste, texture, and consistency is very noticeable.

2) How easy is it to contact someone at the company?
There are a lot of mom & pops out there making chocolate coins in their spare time. Can you reach them by phone when you need to? Do they respond quickly to questions and changes through e-mail?

3) Does the company get how important your event is to you?
This is a big one, assuming you’re not ordering chocolate coins to nosh on while watching “Mad Men”. Your event is important to you. It may be your wedding, your nana’s 100th birthday or your company’s new product introduction. Does any of this matter to the company you’re ordering from? Choose a company that pays attention to the details and gets it right the first time.

4) Will you get a proof of custom artwork?
Will you get an opportunity to see what your custom design will look like on when imprinted on a chocolate coin? Do you get a chance to make sure your fiance’s name is spelled “Jon” instead of “John”? Is the font that you thought would look awesome look “less than awesome”? You should expect a realistic looking proof to review of what your final product will look like. Do you want to take a chance that the company gets it right? I don’t.

5) What’s the turnaround time from order to delivery?
Will your coins get to you in time? A day late won’t cut it for your wedding or company trade show. Can the company you picked turn your order within 48 hours? Wonder why some companies say “up to ten days for production? Simple…they’re not producing your chocolate coins themselves.

6) Selection of designs
What does the company’s design library look like? Does their Pirate “category” consist of a skull & crossbones? Are they adding new designs on a regular basis? Look for a wide selection of designs covering a varied set of potential uses.

7) Who’s actually imprinting your coins?
Is your chocolate coin vendor taking the time to clean loose chocolate off of the imprinting plates? Are the coins themselves clean and free of nicks, scratches and cocoa dust? How about the alignment of your design on the coins? The design should be centered and balanced without spilling over the the reeded edge of the coin.

8) Communication
Up front, will the company voice any concerns or suggestions with your artwork? Maybe your image won’t imprint well or text may be too small to be legible. Will these details be brought to your attention and suggestions made to help you get the best possible finished product?

Once produced, will you get confirmation of your order shipping with a scheduled delivery date?

9) What do others say about the company?
In today’s world of social media and online critiques, companies can no longer hide from customer complaints and negative reviews. What are the comments of others that have used the company? Are they consistent? Are they current? Are certain benefits mentioned over and over again? Raving fans are worth noticing.

10) 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Most important of all…does the company stand behind their work? What happens if you’re not happy with product? If your coins arrive damaged? Does the company try to make excuses and shift blame or do they unconditionally guarantee your complete satisfaction with all aspects of the product and service. This doesn’t become important until you’ve got a problem. But then it becomes the only thing of any importance.

Top 10 Uses for Chocolate Coins in 2013

Chocolate coins are not just for the holidays anymore. With high-quality Belgian chocolate coins now available with endless customization options, there are great new uses for these delicious disks. Here’s our Top 10 ways to use chocolate coins in the coming new year that you may not have thought about.

1) Wedding Guest Gifts
As the Spring wedding season approaches, don’t forget to give a sweet than you to guests at your reception. Personalized chocolate coins are a favor everyone can enjoy, young or old. Make them uniquely yours for a memorable guest gift.

2) Tradeshow Giveaways
Spring also signals the start of corporate tradeshow season. Trying to get visitors to your booth? Entice them with rich Belgian chocolate customized with your company’s branding.

3) St. Patricks Day Events
St. Patrick’s Day has become a huge party day and what better way to celebrate than with a pot o’ gold featuring delicious chocolate coins. From traditional shamrock and Slainte designs to more <ahem> “festive” designs. Chocolate coins are sure to liven up even the wildest St. Paddy’s event.

4) Birthday Party Favors
Who doesn’t love chocolate? Especially on their birthday! Add the birthday boy or girl’s age to their special coins and even their name. People LOVE seeing their name in chocolate…especially young children who are so proud to give away chocolate cons with their name on them.

5) Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaways
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and pink chocolate coins are a great way to help support this important cause. Use them at rallys, walks, and other charity sponsored events. Foiled Again! Chocolate Coins offers a wide variety of breast cancer awareness designs, perfect for any event.

6) Hotel Turndowns
Chocolate coins beautifully imprinted with a hotel logo make the perfect guest room turndown treat. Two of these sumptuous Belgian chocolate treats on a guest pillow make a welcomed impression and help extend the hotel’s brand.

7) Employee Incentives & Recognitions
Chocolate coins are a low-cost way of letting your employees know how valuable they are or helping to recognize individual or group achievements. Use motivational designs like “Way to Go!”, “You Rock!” or “Teamwork” to support internal company programs.

8) School Fundraisers
Chocolate is a terrific fundraiser tool. Sell school-branded chocolate coins in elegant organza drawstring pouches to raise money for school programs or to promote school functions.

9) Halloween Treats
Want to giveaway treats this Halloween that are more unique than a Fun-Size Snickers? Choose from a huge selection of spooky Halloween images for chocolate coins that will make your house the one the kids talk about this year.

10) Holiday Celebrations
Of course, who could forget the traditional connection between chocolate and the year-end holidays of Hanukkah and Christmas. From Hanukkah gelt to Santa-emblazoned Belgian chocolate coins… there’s just no beating chocolate as a holiday mainstay.

Learning to Love Dark Chocolate: A Beginner’s Guide

Dark chocolate is one of those things like escargot or sushi for some people. “I want to like it…I just don’t.” Dark chocolate can be an acquired taste, especially if you’re accustomed to the very sweet taste of most commercially produced milk chocolates.

But it can be done…and the experience can be an absolutely remarkable one. Once you’ve acquired a taste for fine dark artisan chocolate, you’ll likely not be able to stomach that overly sweet kid stuff again.

The key to learning to love dark chocolate is to ease yourself into it. Don’t jump right into a high cocoa content bittersweet dark. Start with a subtler 55-60% dark chocolate such as those widely available from Lindt. One very popular offering is the Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate Bars. This bar features a touch of sea salt which contrasts yet complements the rich chocolate flavor for a unique tasting experience. A perfect “entry bar” for budding dark chocolate connoisseurs and it can be found in most upscale markets and even in many Walgreen’s locations. Nowadays, there are an abundance single-origin dark chocolate bars available in a wide variety of locations. Trader Joe’s is another great place for great deals on dark chocolate bars from a number of worldwide sources.

Dark chocolate is meant to be tasted in small pieces. Don’t gobble down handfuls of dark chocolate like you would M&Ms. Break off a small sliver of dark and allow it to melt on your tongue, releasing all of the glorious notes, flavors and taste sensations. Allowing the chocolate to melt and distribute on the palette is essential to mute the astringencies or bitterness of the chocolate.

Another way to ease yourself into dark chocolate is with filled chocolates that feature a flavored ganache center. Raspberry flavoring especially complements dark chocolate.

Yet another way to develop your taste for dark chocolate is by pairing with your favorite Cabernet or with fruits such as strawberries or oranges. These flavors bring out the wildly complex details of the dark chocolate and create a remarkable taste experience.

Once you begin to enjoy the distinct taste of high-quality, lower cocoa content dark chocolates, you can slowly get more adventurous, experimenting with the popular 70% cacao bars. And for the ueber-adventurous out there…dive into a 82% Scharffen Berger Extra Dark or the notorious 87% cacao Dagoba Eclipse. Now we’re talking DARK chocolate!

There is an undeniable mystique and romance surrounding dark chocolate. One of life’s small extravagances, simply too wonderful to deprive oneself of.

A perfect summation from the Luv & Hat blog by Stuart Heritage: You have to savour dark chocolate. You have to work at it. You have to break off tiny chunks and let them melt onto your tongue, so that all the delicate flavours can bloom in your mouth. You need to learn to love dark chocolate, like you need to learn to love red wine and rare steaks and clever films. That’s much more satisfying than the cheap, empty rush of other chocolate, surely. Dark chocolate is deep and interesting and mysterious.

Chocolate Storage Tips for Making the Good Stuff Last

Probably the most common question we’re asked is “How do I store my chocolate once I get it?” When stored properly, chocolate is more resilient than you might expect.

Chocolate is best kept in a dry, dark environment, preferably at a temperature between 60Β°-70Β°F. This method of storage will minimize fat bloom, which is the process of the chocolate’s cocoa butter separating and rising to the surface. Ever seen that grayish-white coating on the surface of a chocolate bar? Yup, you’re staring at fat bloom.

Refrigeration and freezing of chocolate is not recommended but can be utilized if necessary due to the lack of a temperature controlled storage setting. Refrigeration or freezing of chocolate should be done in an airtight container to prevent condensation from affecting the chocolate. This can create another condition known as sugar bloom. When condensation forms on the surface of chocolate, its sugar absorbs and disperses the moisture. This causes the sugar to form larger crystals leaving a dull and brittle texture to the chocolate’s surface.

Always allow refrigerated or frozen chocolate to come to room temperature in the unopened container before eating. Cold chocolate masks the many flavor notes that make chocolate such a gratifying taste experience.

Care should also be taken to store chocolate away from ares with strong odors. Chocolate is very absorbent and will take on surrounding smells, negatively affecting its taste. Anyone wanna eat a piece of Belgian single-origin 70% dark that’s been stored in a room filled with cigar smoke? Yuck.

Stored properly, milk chocolate has a one-year shelf life and dark chocolate may be stored for up to two years. An exception is chocolate with perishable centers such as truffles or bonbons which generally should be consumed within two months.

While a little powdery-white fat bloom on your chocolate won’t affect its taste…there’s nothing quite like a shiny piece of fine chocolate with that irresistible snap. Just a bit of thought into where to store your chocolate will pay big rewards.

Chocolate Tasting 101

Like a fine wine, gourmet chocolate is meant to be savored – tasted in a way that allows all of its unique qualities to be released in order to enhance the overall experience.

Chocolate tasting is about the journey. It involves all of the senses to fully enjoy the incomparable wonder that is chocolate.

Minimize the distractions during your chocolate tasting. Relaxing background music is OK, but allow yourself to focus on the process is the key. Remember…this is supposed to be fun!

For best tasting, chocolate should be at room temperature. This allows the chocolate to begin to melt as soon as it hits your mouth.

Sight – Resist the natural impulse to simply chomp down on the savory piece of goodness before you. Pause for a moment to examine the chocolate. How would you describe its color? Is it brownish, mahogany or ebony? Is it free of flaws such as discoloration, air bubbles, or that grayish-white powdery look (referred to as bloom) which points to improper tempering?

Sound – Break off a small piece and listen for the snap that indicates properly tempered chocolate. It should not be soft and pliable. No one wants to eat chocolate that bends like a stick of gum.

Touch – Good quality chocolate is smooth to the touch. It should not be dry or gritty.

Smell – Smell the chocolate…take in its aroma. Smelling the chocolate preps your taste buds and adds to the overall enjoyment. Chocolate is extremely complex with more than 600 flavor compounds. Lesser-grade chocolate tends to smell overwhelmingly of sugar and vanilla, while better quality chocolate features a wide variety of incredible aromas.

Taste – While the smell of chocolate is undeniably recognizable, its true flavors are not released until it begins to melt on the palate. Even then, chocolate’s intricate flavors are released throughout the tasting process as opposed to one big flavor explosion. So the initial flavors you taste will evolve through the middle and the end of the taste (the “finish”). Take time to savor the entire experience. It’s worth it. Here’s how…

Place the chocolate on your tongue and let it rest a few seconds. Good chocolate doesn’t require chewing at all. While melting, the chocolate should feel rich and creamy in your mouth. Poor quality chocolate has a grainy, greasy or waxy feeling to it.

Continue to let the chocolate melt between your tongue and the upper roof of your mouth. You should now be experiencing a wide range of flavors, starting with a sense of acidity and slight bitterness. These are admirable chocolate qualities when well-balanced. Let the chocolate linger a bit, as you identify the individual flavors being released. Try to describe them as they unfold in stages. You may recognize hints of fruit or flower, followed by the deeper notes of spice, roasted nuts or even burnt bread. The “finish” will contain woody, malted or earthy notes. Be as specific as you can in identifying the tastes you notice. It’s helpful to do chocolate tastings with other people as you can share the experience and share each other’s flavor descriptions. After swallowing, the flavor should remain as a strong reminder of the taste experience. This a favorable sign of high quality chocolate.

It’s good to try a second and even third piece of the same chocolate as it can be very difficult to try to identify all of the various taste sensations with a single piece.

If you’ll be tasting a number of different chocolates, it’s best to start with the lower cocoa content percentages and work your way up. You should also cleanse your palate between tastings using a swig of water and a bite of plain bread. This will ensure that your next tasting is not influenced by the previous one.

Your palate will actually tire out after doing this a few times, so keep your number of tastings fairly small. Five or six varieties at the max.

So there you have it. Search out some of the fine chocolate available through specialty retailers, gourmet markets or online and use your newly developed tasting skills to experience some of the truly exquisite chocolates of the world. Life’s too short to eat bad chocolate.