• 5 Great Corporate Gift Ideas

    With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to get moving on ways to show your employees and clients how much they are valued. Here are a few inexpensive gift ideas to consider. 1. Gift cards Gift cards can be purchased just about anywhere for just about anything. There are gift cards for major department […]

  • Thanksgivukkah: A Truly Once-in-a-Lifetime Holiday

    The year 2013 will go down in history for many things, some more pleasant than others. By and large one of the happier highlights of the year will be the rare chance to celebrate two major holidays in one. This year Hanukkah coincides with Thanksgiving, giving families twice as much to celebrate. The first full […]

  • 12 Days of Halloween – Day 9

    This time of year always makes me nostalgic. I remember as a young boy writing my annual letter to my idol and forgoing trick-or-treating with the other kids to hang out and wait for him to show on Halloween night. All the other kids laughed at me, even this round-headed boy who was the very […]

  • 12 Days of Halloween – Day 8

    True, most zombies do crave brains. But there’s a group of hipster zombies that avoid brains like the last plague. For these health-concious members of the walking dead, it’s grains they’re after. They’ll kill it for millet, go vulgar for bulgur, and get gnarly for barley. So next time one starts drooling over your leg, […]

  • 12 Days of Halloween – Day 7

    Funerals can be such a downer. But with a Lucky Stiff event, it’ll go from solemn to bombin’ in no time! DJ Spooky spins the grooves including “Dead Man’s Party”, “Don’t Fear the Reaper”, & “Blurred Lines”. Through October 31st, buy one burial and get the second FREE! For your next loss of loved one, […]

  • 12 Days of Halloween – Day 6

    Remember the movie The Omen and the scene where the Dad cuts his kid’s hair to find the 666 on his head? Talk about pure evil. My parents did the same thing to me but were relieved when they found the number 333. I’m only half evil.

  • 12 Days of Halloween – Day 5

    Enough with the vampires already. At the risk of alienating my wife, who watches all 26 shows dealing with vampires, it’s time for the bloodsucker craze to crawl back into its collective casket. I may need to stage an intervention for her just to recapture my TV and watch something that doesn’t involve overly pretty […]

  • 12 Days of Halloween – Day 4

    Hard to imagine one of the world’s most infamous villains, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, was once a cute, cuddly, carnivorous baby. They should have never started feeding him those pureed fava beans.

  • 12 Days of Halloween – Day 3

    What is it about the raven that makes it so scary? Personally, I can’t tell the difference between a raven and a crow. Although now that I think about it, sometimes I’ll come out of the grocery store and a crow will be sitting on top of my car, just, you know, eyeballin’ me. And […]

  • 12 Days of Halloween – Day 2

    Who doesn’t need a hug every once in a while? Even if you are the walking dead…doesn’t mean you sometimes don’t get a little down on yourself. So next time you run into a zombie and go jumping to the conclusion that he wants to eat your brain, give him a shoulder to lean on. […]

  • The 12 Days of Halloween

    Halloween is coming…and to get everybody spooked up and ready, we present The 12 Days of Halloween. Each day through Halloween (there’s 12 to go, get it?) we’ll post a new Halloween chocolate coin design. We’ll try our best to test the boundaries of creativity (and good taste in some cases!). So without further ado, […]

  • Another Client Inspiration!

    Subject Matter Mediation Services used one of our chocolate coins attached with a glue dot to a promotional card for a recent trade show event. They were very happy with the response to their giveaway. Very creative!