• Announcing Quik-Ship Chocolate Coins!

    Ya know those situations where you’re short on time and need chocolate coins for a birthday or company event? Or when 500 coins is just too darn many? (C’mon, throw me a bone here.) Foiled Again! is happy, nay, downright giddy, to announce our new line of Quik-Ship coins. Our most popular designs covering a […]

  • Gelt talks – it’s Hanukkah time.

    Gelt at Hanukkah Of the many images of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah a few stand out as especially symbolic. The menorah with its brightly burning candles, the irresistible smell of frying potato pancakes or latkes and who can forget those foil wrapped Hanukkah coins now referred to as “gelt“. But how did the concept […]

  • Why Do We Give Out Candy at Halloween?

    Think of Halloween and your mind immediately goes to kids in Avengers costumes going door-to-door in pursuit of a scrumptious chocolate treat. Anything but the big orange peanut. But the history of Halloween is a far cry from today’s modern celebration. Halloween began as a religious holiday in the Middle Ages when it was called […]

  • Learning to Love Dark Chocolate: A Beginner’s Guide

    Dark chocolate is one of those things like escargot or sushi for some people. “I want to like it…I just don’t.” Dark chocolate can be an acquired taste, especially if you’re accustomed to the very sweet taste of most commercially produced milk chocolates. But it can be done…and the experience can be an absolutely remarkable […]

  • Why We Only Use Belgian Chocolate

    Ever eaten one of those discolored, waxy pieces of chocolate that crumbles into a flavorless grit in your mouth? Not from us you haven’t. Chocolate should be an exquisite taste experience. Fine chocolate awakens the senses and affects brain and body chemistry. After sampling chocolate coins from all over the world, we discovered that there […]

  • What Makes an Awesome Custom Chocolate Coin Design?

    While you have more than 2,000 choices of standard designs from our library to use on your chocolate coins…you’re actually only confined by the limits of your imagination. Let us help you create a chocolate coin that is uniquely yours. There is approximately 1.5″ of usable area to imprint on our chocolate coins. This might […]

  • Whatever Happened to Good ol’ Customer Service?

    Customer Service. Serving the customer. What has become of this seemingly lost art? Nowadays it seems like businesses and their employees have become so unfocused, jaded, and aloof that the customer is almost viewed as an annoyance. This would be a great place to work if it wasn’t for all those customers. Are we as […]

  • Wedding Guest Gifts Should Let Your Personality Show

    One of the last things often considered when planning a wedding is the favor to give your guests as a small thank you for being a part of your special day. It ends up being a last minute “Hey, we forgot wedding favors!” realization a couple of weeks before the big day. So what do […]

  • UNFOILED: Can Chocolate Coins Really Taste Good?

    We all grew up on it. Crappy chocolate. It took many forms. That gritty Easter bunny. The waxy Santa Claus or the discolored Advent chocolates. Those little foiled marbles of faintly chocolate-flavored crud that crumbled in your mouth. And lest we forget, the incredible inedible chocolate coin. Something had to be done. And done it […]

  • Chocolate Storage Tips for Making the Good Stuff Last

    Probably the most common question we’re asked is “How do I store my chocolate once I get it?” When stored properly, chocolate is more resilient than you might expect. Chocolate is best kept in a dry, dark environment, preferably at a temperature between 60°-70°F. This method of storage will minimize fat bloom, which is the […]

  • Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot: Summer Shipping & Chocolate

    Man, it’s hot. And while heat is essential for chocolate during its tempering and molding phases, it’s the arch-enemy of the finished product. So how can you be sure that your order will arrive to you in the condition it was shipped and not a big puddle of chocolate? During warm weather months we ship […]

  • “Seventy%” Website Showcases a World of Fine Chocolate

    I recently came across a terrific website for discovering the latest on the subject of fine chocolate. Seventy% is devoted to the complete “bean to bar” experience, showcasing the world’s best chocolate finds. Named for the seventy percentage of cocoa considered to indicate better quality chocolate bars, the site contains in-depth reviews of chocolate bars […]

  • Chocolate Tasting 101

    Like a fine wine, gourmet chocolate is meant to be savored – tasted in a way that allows all of its unique qualities to be released in order to enhance the overall experience. Chocolate tasting is about the journey. It involves all of the senses to fully enjoy the incomparable wonder that is chocolate. Minimize […]